My task was to help to build the simulation environment using the System Verilog and Perl  and test the modules of mobile phone modem. In the school, I  had some experience of FPGA and chip design and simulation, so the idea was not completely foreign to me. However, the task given to me at MediaTek was a more challenging one and required a deeper set of knowledge than what I had acquired during my education. In order to accomplish my task, some of my time would first have to be spent learning how to complete it.  Fortunately, my team members were generous in their patience towards me. I was given time to both figure out the solution and apply it . In addition, they helped me learn several professional software that are being used at the top companies in the field, e.g., Linux, Verdi, Perforce, and Perl programming language.

The environment was very friendly and flexible. MediaTek have lots of club activities .I join the basketball club and we play every Wednesday night. Also, after working time, my group play Computer Games like DOTA and LOL together. I can comfortably say that my internship at MediaTek was a perfect experience of research and development work which is very important for graduate students that helps them improve their skills and open their eyes. The HR and IT teams were very helpful and their support to the interns was very remarkable and appreciated. Finally, I would like to thank MediaTek, especially Joanna Wang and my group leader Kevin Zeng and my mentor Horace Wang for giving me such a great chance to make my way as a digital IC design engineer!